About PFG Mortgage Managers™

Perpetual Funding Group recently re-branded as PFG Mortgage Managers to better reflect what the core business of the company really is.

PFG Mortgage Managers originally launched into the mortgage market in 2003 as an established true non-bank lender, offering innovative home and commercial loan products and were one of the first funders to offer the 10 year no repayment product for customers who had at least 50% equity in their residential security property/ies.

In addition PFG Mortgage Managers were one of the first companies to offer capitalization of interest on commercial property loans [up to 12 months]

PFG Mortgage Managers aim to design and build mortgages that allow customers to maximize their assets and allow them to convert their mortgage into a useful and an exciting investment tool.

It is paramount that your funder understands company, trust and other corporate borrowing structures and PFG Mortgage Managers has provided this service to many of its customers who are in or are looking to enter the business field and who do not want to be “put into a normal loan”.

PFG Mortgage Managers appointed Graham Harlow, a well respected and an industry experienced professional as Director and Western Australian Licensee in October 2006.

Graham brings an enormous amount of corporate knowledge, credit skills and business acumen to the business and had 13 years corporate experience as a General Manager with Citibank Limited and a further 3 years as a Senior Manager and CEO of finance broker businesses in Perth. With the inclusion of Graham into the PFG Mortgage Manager business it will enable further product development and business growth and expansion.

Graham has further expounded and driven the engrained culture within the group and he insists,

" if what we are doing does not benefit the customer – why are we doing it ? "

PFG Mortgage Managers are extremely efficient in arranging mortgages that fit outside the major banks products and their normally staid comfort zone which allows:

PFG Mortgage Managers are able to say “YES” more often.

PFG Mortgage Managers look at the transaction at hand as part of a larger and more defined relationship, whereby we work with and support our customers as they endeavor to grow and look to do more with their hard earned assets.

PFG Mortgage Managers work with their customers, offer suggestions and alternatives and are able to refer customers to independent and licensed advisors for validation.

To experience the PFG Mortgage Manager difference and find out more, simply contact us today! 1800 177 325