Home Loans

PFG Mortgage Managers offers you the widest range of Home Loans available.


Because PFG build the loan to fit you and your needs as best we can.

We listen to what you want, what features and benefits suite you and then do our in depth research for you.

Our innovative approach is second to none because we own the products and make sure you get what you want.

For example:

First Home Buyers

  • Up to 90% of the purchase price(non genuine)
  • Up to 30 year terms
  • Assist in processing FHOG
  • Sometimes no Mortgage Insurance
  • No ongoing loan fees
  • 80% Credit imparied construction loans ,full doc metro only)


  • Consolidation of all debts into one new loan
  • Subject to valuation, capitalization of some/all interest


  • Capitalisation of interest for up to 10 years [conditions apply]
  • Negative gearing option
  • Low and no doc loans available option of no LMI
  • Introduction to independent Financial Planners
  • SMSF loans
  • Refinance low doc investment properties no BAS
  • Jumbo low doc 60% up to 2mill no BAS
  • Constuction Full doc/including company/trusts

Low Doc

  • We understand self employed and investors
  • We understand sometimes there are no financials
  • We have alternatives along the way
  • We have an exit strategy for you
  • Up to 85% With ABN/GST 6 months (no LMI required)

Main Credit Providers for Home Loans are Perpetual Trustees Victoria Limited, Perpetual Trustee Company Limited, Permanent Custodians Limited.

If you want someone to think outside the box and work with you to help you attain your dreams, then contact us on 1800 177 325